BTT Pro™ Back in Stock

Posted by Mark Foster on

BTT Pro™ is now available here at World A.B.S™. As many of you will already know the internet is a wash with cheap, substandard watered down supplements and tribulus is no exception, generating bad press and in-turn ruining the reputation of what is in reality a highly effective supplement. Here at World A.B.S we're about to change all that, we're shaking up the market once again with a pure tribulus product BTT Pro™ weighing in at an incredible 95% Protodioscin.

We worked extremely hard to find a Bulgarian supplier that not only meets GMP standards but also produces genuine 95% Protodioscin Tribulus Terrestris, we then encapsulated this into XTR DRS Capsules bringing to you what we believe to be the very best Tribulus product on the market.

For More information visit the BTT Pro™ product page.