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Supply Chain Issues Due To Covid-19

Posted by Fabian Muller on

An update regarding our supply chain, and some of the issues we have faced in 2020 due to COVID-19. Read more

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    Sports & Health Professional Discount

    Posted by Mark Foster on

    Become a reseller, as a personal trainer or health food specialist you could qualify for trade discount on bulk orders. Read more

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    Courier Shipping Countries

    Posted by James Case on

    Due to poor domestic postal services in some countries we can now only offer courier shipping options to these destinations, please read the article to find out more. Read more

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    Servings Size Information

    Posted by James Case on

    Depending on the product you are viewing, you may notice a designated number of servings in the suggested use section, for example if there are 90 capsules per bottle comprising of 30 x 3 capsule servings, this indicates that 3 capsules should be taken at the same time, making up 1 serving. Read more

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    XTR DRS™ Capsules

    Posted by Mark Foster on

    Discover how XTR DRS™ capsules improve the effectiveness of acid sensitive ingredients and other plant extracts.

    Read more

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