Professional Weight Loss Supplement

Burn off Body-Fat Naturally

Through evolution, the human body is very efficient at absorbing and storing calories as body fat. Because of this, We have formulated an all natural weight loss supplement that works in harmony with your body, to reduce the number of calories you absorb from carbohydrates, sugar and fats that you eat on a daily basis. Research shows that Brown Seaweed Sodium Alginate Extract combined with Fucoxanthin and Green Coffee Bean Extract helps to block a large percentage of calories from being absorbed into your system.

The Proformance Formular

Combining Pro Cut CORE's calories blocking effects with a healthy diet and regular exercise drastically increases the rate at which you burn pre-existing body fat, this is ideal for anyone looking to get those abs on display this summer.

Key Features Of This Product

  • Reduces body fat by blocking calorie intake from consumed foods
  • Burns existing body fat

Product Spec

Active ingredients Other ingredients Total fill weight Production Capsule size Capsule type Per container Serving size Directions Suggested use Common uses Extended use Other information
Brown Seaweed Sodium Alginate Extract • Fucoxanthin • Green Coffee Bean Extract Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Vegetarian Capsule Shell) 500mg cGMP 0 (zero) Vegetarian safe, XTR DRS Capsule (Increases the bioavailability of acid sensitive ingredients and active compounds) 90 Capsules 1 Capsule Take 1 capsule three times daily For best results spread the capsule intake evenly throughout your day Used for weight loss Can be used continually until desired weight or look is achieved Complies with current Clean Label guideline