Supply Chain Issues Due To Covid-19

Posted by Fabian Muller on

Recently we have encountered supply chain issues with certain products that we use during manufacturing, those being:

DRS Capsules

As of August 2020 DRS Capsules supplied by XTR Nutrition are no longer supplied with the printed branding, these capsules remain the same DRS capsules but without the white XTR and DRS markings previously found on the cap and body.


You may notice a slight change in the dimensions and appearance of our usual bottles. Pont Europe can not supply our current bottles until November 2020, and so we have been forced to use a replacement temporarily.

Bottle Lids

As of October 2020 some products will be supplied with child safe lids, this is again due to supply issues from Pont Europe who can not supply our regular lids until November of 2020.

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