Wholesale Terms & Conditions

1. Wholesale Account Terms

1.1 To become a trade account holder proof of business ownership must be given in the form of company ID number, VAT number (Tax number), address of business premises, website, business email address and contact details.

1.2 Applicants must agree that upon purchase of any XTR Nutrition™ (World A.B.S™) products, those products will ONLY be sold in the agreed outlets or designated marketing zone and marketed in the agreed languages.

1.3 Applicant must agree that upon acceptance of any XTR Nutrition™ (World A.B.S™) products, those products will not be placed on any website or outlet that allows for malicious reviews or rating by competitors, such examples of this would be Amazon or eBay.


*By offering a very limited number of wholesale accounts per language or country based 'marketing zones', conditions 1.2 & 1.3 are designed to protect the wholesalers stock value and product retail ability keeping competition online and in the high street to a minimum. We believe it is in both your and our interest to adhere to the above conditions. Failure to adhere the stated terms and conditions will result in suspension of your wholesale account.

2. Wholesale Order conditions

2.1 Minimum order value comprises of a mixed cart value of $800USD

2.2 Shipping values are generated live based on the weight and value of your cart, to view our shipping options please use the shipping calculator found at the bottom of the 'Cart' page.

3. Invoicing

3.1 Invoices for all purchases will be emailed to the given business email address in PDF format.